Mike Chertude of Washington State DoR Wins Prestigious FTA Award

Allagma Technologies congratulates Mike Chertude, Manager, Computer Assisted Audit Program of the Washington State Department of Revenue (DoR), for being the 2018 co-winner of the prestigious Harley T. Duncan Leadership Award, presented by the Federation of Tax Administrators (FTA) at their annual meeting in June 2018, in Nashville, TN.

Mike Chertrude led the DoR effort to put in place the ground-breaking sales monitoring solution in Washington State. The selected product was eTaxMan developed by Allagma Technologies (see PRESS RELEASE).

Mike received this award for his relentless efforts in combating sales suppression and related sales tax fraud, as well as for his dedication to educate his colleagues across the USA about this important issue.

We could not agree more… Congratulations to Mike and to all who have supported him on this well-deserved award.